An overlooked piece of information for developing the right character for your plot

Image by hansiline from Pixabay

Years ago, my screenwriting group and I wrote a comedy show for Turkish TV. It had a rich premise with amazing potential. We felt confident that it was going to be a big success.

We were interviewing one of the most talented comedians in the country. Or rather, he was…


Meet Kishōtenketsu, the four-act structure

Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi — Spirited Away (2001) Source: Toho

Japanese movies make me scratch my head. They are always beautiful, so I can’t dismiss them by saying “weird!” but sometimes I find them hard to follow and connect with. Like art-house films, they speak to a certain type of intelligence or taste, which doesn’t always include me. …

A strong structure is the foundation of a great story

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Resisting “the formula” might be hurting your story. When I began screenwriting, I hated the three-act structure, believing it was a formula that would stifle my creativity. It turned out structure was one of the most basic requirements of creativity. It gives ideas room so they can bloom! …


It’s not just a clever movie, it speaks to our hearts from the very beginning

“Dad, I love you” Image: Sony Pictures Releasing

I fell in love with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) at the sixth minute. And it was a miracle because I was still confused trying to figure out who Miles Morales was. And why I was watching him and not Peter Parker, the “one and only Spider-Man.” (Spoilers ahead!)


Don’t believe me? Read on to see how aiming for perfection can be a grave mistake

Dirty Dancing (1987) Image: Vestron Pictures

In 1987, Jennifer Grey starred with Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, one of the most popular teen romance films of all time. The movie grossed over 200 millions and defined being a teen in the 1980s.

Jennifer had the time of her life. Her fame crossed the oceans; her posters…

Nihan Kucukural

Turkish screenwriter. I help writers understand story structures so they can write better stories. I analyze Story Bones on The Writing Cooperative.

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